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Task Program

Being a Rio Staking member, you can also avail yourself of the daily task program. Our firm has Task Program where the customers also earn on a biweekly basis.

Question And Answers

What is the task?

Buy RGreen coins on Pancake swap for 15 consecutive days and get paid biweekly.

Example Level 1

The customer will buy $1 RGreen tokens every day for 15 days on Pancake swap. On the 15th day, the company will verify the task and ask the customer to burn the coins to a cold wallet/customer need to transfer coins to company provided address. Once it is done, the customer will receive $15 + $3 + transaction fees.

Is inviting friends necessary for the task program?

Level 1 is open to all registered members. Customers with no plans or invited members can do Level 1. For levels 2 to 10, customers must follow invited friends mentioned in the Task Program plan.

Can customers purchase RGreen tokens multiple times a day? No. Customers need to purchase RGreen tokens for 15 consecutive days.

How to purchase a Plan?

For purchasing the task program, customers can use their wallet balance, and profits or do manual deposits.

Meaning Of Returns Percentage

Returns percentage also means the invested amount vs. return profit.

Meaning Of Transfer Quantity

Transfer quantity means the number of transactions that customers send Rio coins / RGREEN tokens to addresses that we provide.

Chart For Task Plan

Level Friends Invited $ Plan 15 Days Cost Amount in $
1 0 1 $15 3
2 2 2 $30 6
3 3 3 $45 9
4 4 4 $60 12
5 5 5 $75 15
6 6 6 $90 18
7 7 7 $105 21
8 8 8 $120 24
9 9 9 $135 27

Customers do not have deadlines for task completion. They can work at their convenience. You can do all the transactions on the platform with the BSC (Binance SMART CHAIN) network.
To make withdrawals, customers can submit a request from the platform dashboard.
Withdrawals are can be done in RGREEN tokens, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Polygon (Matic).